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The effect of international business conventions, free trade agreements, bilateral and multilateral investment treaties, and international concessions are relatively increasing in the international disputes between parties. In addition, most international contracts contain some kind of alternative dispute resolution clause which could vary from negotiation, conciliation, or mediation to binding arbitration.


Although dispute resolution mechanism in some degree is easier than litigation in the court system, in a wide range of cases it is more complicated. Almost all of arbitration awards are final and there is a limited ground to challenge or vacate it, so having a competent counsel to represent you is the key to win or mitigate damages if your case has less merit. 


Our firm is delighted to provide you with the Alternative Dispute Resolution services that you deserve. Our services include but are not limited to international and domestic mediation, international and domestic business negotiations, conciliation, and international arbitration. 


Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your case. We make every effort to provide you with the best case evaluation and representation along with our exceptional client service. 

Immigration & International Business Solutions

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