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Foreign Investment practices have been growing over the past decades with a considerable growth in developing countries. Investment by a foreign national always associates with greater risk if the foreign national does not analyze the economy, demographic and legal issues involved in such investments. Investors may even lose their entire investment due to any possible mistake they may make in their practices.


Having sound and professional advice from a legal consultant will help you to avoid harsh consequences that investors may face in their investment journey in a foreign country. There are also several criteria which investors must consider in their decision about the right place and time to investment. 


We are delighted to help you with your case and to render the world class legal due diligence. Our services consist of, but not limited to, document review, country and comparative study( including legal analysis of the investment regime and any pending or previous investor-state dispute), political risk and investment security analysis, possibility or availability of investment insurance, intellectual property regulation and compliance with international standards, business and custom regulations, tariff regulations, possible embargo or trade blackened, and all other possible data that a passive investor might need in order to be able to make the sound decision. For more information please contact our offices and we will be more than happy to help you with your investment journey. 

Immigration & International Business Solutions

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